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The services we offer provide wide-ranging support for a multitude of business structures and ventures. These services can be implemented with or without our structuring. However, the requirements for each of these services are dependent upon your specific circumstances. When you speak with one of our business consultants they can suggest a targeted set of services based upon your specific structuring requirements. They can also answer questions you have regarding the any of our services.

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Starting a BusinessOne of the most time consuming and potentially complex issues is researching and selecting the optimal structure and set of mechanisms for your business venture. Our Account managers help you in the preparation of this extremely important decision making process.
Nominee OfficersNominee Officers are used when the principal parties of a corporate structure wish to keep their involvement in a corporation private. A nominee officer can replace your Secretary, Treasurer, President and Directors on the required Secretary of State filings. Using a Nominee Officer enables you to keep your name from being listed on the public record associated with your corporate entity.
Professional TrusteesProfessional Trustees are used when the principal parties of a Trust structure wish to keep their involvement in a Trust private. Professional Trustees can also manage and perform any or all of the Trust duties regular Trustees would perform, including keeping and preparing Trust records. Equally important is the assurance that all necessary Trust business is executed and documented when there is a Professional Trustee administering the Trust.
Local Office ProgramOur Local Office Program provides all of the operations your business would require if you opened your own office in Nevada. What you gain by implementing our Local Office Program is savings in time and money. By utilizing our Local Office Program you can avoid the rent, utilities, insurance, payroll and taxes associated with operating your own office.
Legal ServicesIn today's highly litigious society the necessity for proper documentation and legal advice has never been greater. Whether you're purchasing real estate or negotiating complex contractual agreements your activities should be reviewed by counsel. We have made arrangements with local attorneys and pre-paid legal service organizations to provide experienced and professional legal services to our clients.
Employee ServicesThe administration of the employees your corporation requires can be an overwhelming workload and an unprofitable use of your valuable time. Using contracted employee services you can reduce or eliminate your employee administration requirements. Service providers can perform operations such as, recruiting, employee relations, regulatory compliance and payroll and benefits administration and are offered to our clients at discounted rates.

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