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Nevada Corporate Associates provides structuring and services within all 50 states. Whether you are running a domestic corporation in one state or register as a foreign corporation in one or more states, we provide superior structuring knowledge and support. Our catalog provides descriptions of the various products we offer to our clients. Click on the Product name in the table below to view the item's detailed information.

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New CorporationsCorporations are one of the most widely used and recognized forms of business structuring. Corporations provide liability protection for the stockholders, board members and officers.
Limited Liability Co 'LLC'Limited Liability Companies are a form of business entity which combines the limited liability feature of the corporation with the tax advantages of the partnership. here may also be various tax advantages with these entities which may not be available for sole proprietorships and general partnerships.
Private FoundationsProperly structured private or tax exempt Foundations are an excellent philanthropic mechanism and can be a valuable personal asset preservation tool. A foundation is a permanent fund established and maintained by contributions for charitable, educational, religious, research, or other benevolent purposes.
Trust StructuresTrust organizations are extremely valuable structures for isolating assets from yourself and your company, thereby providing privacy and helping to protect the assets from lawsuit. Land Holding and Equipment Trusts can make assets available to your business without having the assets being owned by your business and subject to the liability of your core business.
Consolidated StructuresUsing a selected grouping of structures a more comprehensive structure can be developed for your specific circumstances and requirements. By properly linking a set of structures a wider-ranging plan is developed to legally minimize your personal and business tax liability while providing maximum asset protection.
Aged Corporation StructuresShelf structures are business entities that have been created at some point in the past and have been kept up-to-date. These structures provide potential customers, lenders and government agencies legal standing for the business from the time the structure was started. This can make obtaining credit easier and appropriate business age for contracts requiring a business to be in business for some arbitrary time period.

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