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Information regarding Employee Services is provided in the following sub-sections:

Removing the burden of employee administration from your workload requirements enables you to concentrate upon the operation and expansion of your business rather than employee related issues. Through volume purchasing agreements with top employee services organizations and Nevada Corporate Associates, we can offer these services from our vendors at a discounted rate.


The recruiting process can be tedious and time consuming. Many of the required recruiting processes can be off-loaded to a contracted service. The services listed below represent some of the available recruiting processes we can perform for your company.

  • Online Assessments
  • Background Checks
  • Drug-Free Workplace


Hiring an applicant who is not well suited for the job can be very costly in terms of management time and lost productivity. Online assessments provide you with instant analysis of your applicant's strengths and weaknesses in relation to the open position. Use online assessments to help filter applicants before you conduct an expensive and time-consuming interview.


Every successful business works hard to find and keep the right people. Hiring the best is always the goal, but trying to predict performance prior to hiring can be a challenge. We provide businesses with the important process of due diligence. Through Avert, an Internet-based employment screening company, we offer discounted rates for a full range of screenings from criminal and driving records to credit, educational and employment histories.


According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employees using drugs are three times more likely to be late for work and 2.5 times more likely to have absences of eight or more days. Collectively, substance abusers have an absentee rate of 30-35 days per year. We can help you achieve a drug-free workplace.

Numerous studies show that an effective, consistently applied Drug-Free Program can significantly increase productivity, improve customer service, reduce theft, increase security and foster a safer and more productive work environment. Once an effective policy is established, business owners benefit from increased effectiveness; fewer accidents on the job and therefore fewer workers' compensation claims; lower turnover and absenteeism and reduced health and mental health insurance claims.


Employee relations is another area of business, which can severely detract from the job of running your business. We can provide services to reduce or entirely address your employee relation issues. The essential service provided is a person who is accessible for employees to address their issues and concerns.

  • Employee Administrative Assistance
  • Human Resources Services


As the experts, our vendors recommend best practices and assume much of the administrative burden. A dedicated team of human resources professionals works with you to provide guidance on human resources policies and procedures freeing you to get back to business.


  • Professional assistance with complex human resources issues
  • Training and assistance with effective performance management
  • Assess employee training & development needs
  • Benefits enrollment and administration
  • Maintenance of employee files and records
  • Customized employee handbook
  • Job descriptions
  • Assistance with employee recruitment
  • Online assessments (in partnership with Avert)
  • Recommend and administer appropriate background checks
  • Assistance in handling disciplinary and grievance issues
  • Employee leave administration and compliance (FMLA, ADA, etc.)
  • Assistance with employee terminations


Regulations have increased so dramatically over the years that the burden and cost to employers, particularly for small- and mid-size companies, is overwhelming. The Small Business Administration estimates the average annual cost of regulation, paperwork and tax compliance for organizations with fewer than 500 employees is $5,000 per employee.

Increasing regulation within an increasingly litigious society has set the stage for concern. In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports a 54 percent increase in filings between 1989 and 1994. In one recent study, the probability of a verdict favoring a plaintiff jumped from 49 percent in 1994 to 71 percent in 1999.

Our vendors can recommend best practices and assume much of the administrative burden for regulatory compliance and related issues involving employment.

  • Regulatory Compliance Guidance
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Legal Defense Benefit
  • Compliance Training


The administration of payroll and tax issues relating to employees can be a daunting and time consuming task even to experienced professionals. We can provide services to reduce or entirely address your payroll and tax administration issues. The services listed below represent some of the payroll and tax administration processes we can provide for your company.

  • Online Payroll Processing and Billing
  • Payroll Processing, Tax Filing and Administration
  • W-2 Reporting and Administration
  • Management Reports
  • Payroll Register
  • Master Control
  • Audit Report
  • Personnel Change Report
  • Labor Costing and Distribution
  • Direct Deposit
  • Integrated Time and Attendance System


Using proven risk management techniques and economies of scale to control the cost of Fortune 500-quality benefits we provide a comprehensive suite of options for our clients and their employees including health, dental, vision, 401(k), life and disability insurance, flexible spending accounts and more.

However, in today’s competitive marketplace, pay and benefits are not enough to keep quality employees. According to a research study from Deloitte & Touche, intrinsic rewards such as the challenge of the job, the vision and capability of the company’s leadership, and the opportunities to grow and learn, have a more significant impact on retention than companies think. Here is an excellent example of how we can add value over and above providing comprehensive benefits - by combining the expertise of our human resources professionals with tools and training that assist managers in communicating the company vision and creating a positive work environment.


  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and open Access Products
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Point of Service (POS)
  • Dental and Vision Plans
  • Dental Maintenance Option (DMO)
  • Indemnity Plan


  • Participating Network of Pharmacies
  • Mail-Away Program


  • Voluntary coverage also available through Worksite Solutions


  • Flexible Spending Plan
  • Medical Reimbursement Account
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account


  • Term life insurance for your employees


  • Short and long term disability insurance


  • Offered through Legal Club of America


A 401(k) plan is among the most sought-after employee benefits, one that can provide the business owner with a crucial competitive advantage in today's tight labor market. According to a Deloitte & Touche study, adequacy of retirement savings is the number one benefits priority for employees. In fact, 83 percent of small employers that provide a plan report that it has had a positive impact on employee attitude and performance*. The ADP Total Source Retirement Savings Plan provides the small- to mid-size business with a wealth of plan options such as:

  • Safe Harbor Base. - Employer contributes 3% of eligible compensation to all participants.
  • Safe Harbor Match. - Employer matches up to 4% of eligible compensation deferred by participants.
  • Discretionary 401(k). - Employer contribution optional.
  • Simple 401(k). - Employer contributes 2% of eligible compensation to all participants.
  • Employee Benefit Research Group, 2000 Small Employer Retirement Survey


The ADP Total Source EAP gives employees somewhere to turn when they face some of life's tougher challenges and is another way of managing risk for the business owner. EAP offers confidential counseling and guidance through difficult, personal issues such as marital or family problems, drug or alcohol abuse, financial crisis, legal issues or mental health concerns. And while an employee may want nothing more than to hide personal problems, a pressing issue can reduce productivity, morale, attendance, increase turnover and even worse, result in work-place violence.

The key elements of EAP are:

  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Around-the-Clock Access
  • High-Quality Provider Network
  • Training and Orientation


  • Theme Parks
  • Wireless Services
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Day Care Centers
  • Health Clubs
  • Movie Tickets
  • Wholesale Clubs
  • Training Programs


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