Series Limited Liability Companies

Why incorporate your business

There are some fundamental reasons for incorporating your business: Liability Liquidity Perpetual Existence Taxation Building Credibility LIABILITY In simple terms we live in a lawsuit happy society. Law suits are more and more frequent as each year passes. In all, over 15 million civil cases were filed in state Courts each year, according to the […]

Non-Profit IRS 1023 Form Application

Start a Non-Profit – Streamline Your IRS 1023 Form Application

Start a Non-Profit Depending on your type of business, you might consider forming a non-profit.  Most nonprofits are formed to provide a benefit to the public. This could be a social club, trade organization, or cooperative. These kinds of public-benefit companies are known as Sec. 501(c)(3) organizations, named for the relevant section of the Internal […]

Series Limited Liability Companies

The Series Limited Liability Company provides asset protection through the segregation of subsidiary assets and liabilities. This information is provided in the following sub-sections: Introduction Effectively Implementing Series LLCs Current Implementations Taxation Considerations ABOUT SERIES LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES A Series LLC consists of a “Master” company and (series) of subsidiary companies, which may conduct unrelated […]

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