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Aged Corporation Structures

Information regarding Aged Corporation Structures is provided in the following sub-sections:


Aged Corporation Structures are a corporation that is already formed, but not in use, and ready for “purchase” by a new owner. Aged corporations enable new owners to engage in business, credit, or real estate agreements as an established company without having to go through the entire process and waiting time frames of establishing a brand new corporation..


Aged Corporation Structures are used for convenience, to assume a corporate history and to develop a perceived stability of the business operation. Therefore, as long as the corporation is clean of liabilities, it really does not matter where the aged corporation was initially filed. It can always be continued in another state.


Benefits to choosing an aged corporation include saving time by foregoing the time and expense of forming a brand new corporation, instant access to contract and government contract bidding, instant credibility and an appearance of corporate longevity. This makes it more attractive to potential investors and investment capital, and provides faster and easier access to banking relationships and lines of credit.


Most potential creditors or business resources are hesitant to engage brand new or up-start corporations. By approaching them as an established corporation or company it is more likely your company will be taken seriously and this may grant your business more access to credit lines, banking relationships, leases, etc.


Aged corporations have never had income, they have never had assets or bank accounts, and they have never had operations or activity of any kind. To protect your ability to elect the tax year of your choice, neither state nor federal income tax returns have ever been filed, no taxes of any kind have ever been paid to anyone, and no minimum tax payment has ever been made.



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