Consolidated Trusts – Limited Liability Companies

Non-Profit IRS 1023 Form Application

Start a Non-Profit – Streamline Your IRS 1023 Form Application

Start a Non-Profit Depending on your type of business, you might consider forming a non-profit.  Most nonprofits are formed to provide a benefit to the public. This could be a social club, trade organization, or cooperative. These kinds of public-benefit companies are known as Sec. 501(c)(3) organizations, named for the relevant section of the Internal […]

business structure planning

Getting Started: the First Five Years of Your Company

Business structure planning We help you grow your business. The first five years are critical. You need to complete steps to define your organization’s purpose. Organizational planning means defining your company’s reason for existence, setting goals to achieve your purposes, and defining objectives that gradually help you meet those goals. There are four phases of […]

Foreign Corporate Structures

Foreign Corporate Structures

Foreign Corporate Structures We can help you create a “foreign corporation” that enables you to operate within another region outside of the jurisdiction where your business physically operates. Most often, corporations are initially formed in a single jurisdiction before expanding into other jurisdictions. This concept, Foreign Corporate Structures Features This concept, Foreign Corporate Structures, prevents […]

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